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Welcome to the speedwm wiki!


speedwm is a window manager forked from dwm (also known as dynamic window manager). It manages the user's open windows and tiles them according to a set layout. This is what makes it dynamic, unlike windows managers like i3 which you may be used to.

Just like dwm, speedwm also tries to be minimal but also brings functionality and aesthetics to the table without patching or other work. It is a good middle ground between creating your own dwm build from scratch and bloated window managers like awesome which are not primarily configured by editing source code.

Tiling window managers (unlike floating window managers that you may be used to) tile windows based on a set layout making them easy to get productive on. They also encourage the user to use their keyboard instead of the mouse so that the user doesn't have to move his hands much but there are also mouse binds and more can be added by the user if desired.

You have reached the wiki for speedwm, the main source of information regarding the project. Any information too detailed or complex to be part of the speedwm release is placed here. Because it's a wiki, anyone may submit changes to the wiki. The wiki is also free/libre (as in freedom) software and you can have a copy. See this git repository for more information.

Not sure where to begin with speedwm? See Getting Started for a nice way to get into it!